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Lindos is a town located in the souther part of the island of Rhodes in Greece. It has very unique characteristics that draws many travellers each year. So unique that some visit Lindos more than once a year and have remained loyal visitors for decades.
It all starts from the famous Ooh-aah corner. From the main road, this is the first breathtaking view of Lindos in all its glory.
The Acropolis embracing all the little white houses as they overlook the beautiful beach is a scene you will never grow tired of. As you make your way down to the main square and enter the village, you will soon feel the awe of walking the tiny streets lined with shops, restaurants and cafes.
You can visit the Acropolis to get a sense of ancient Lindian history. The Doric Temple of Athena Lindia dating from 300 B.C. is among one of the buildings that can still be seen on this magnificent archaelogical site.
The Byzantine church, Panagia, dating from the 13th century is situated near the main square. The beautiful fifteenth century frescoes are truly impressive.
St. Paul’s Bay, pictured on the bottom right, is a favourite among foreigners and locals who wish to exchange marital vows in the picturesque surrounding of the bay and in front of St. Paul’s Bay church.
There are quite a few beaches you can choose from for your daily swim. Their crystal clear waters promise to delight each swimmer.
If you need more information, travel guides are available for sale in Lindos or an online search will give you plenty of information.
Hope to see you in Lindos!!

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About Lindos
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